About Us

We’re Homemade For Pets. We exist to produce only the best oat and fruit products for your small pets.

Our business began in 2021, from a kitchen in Somerset, UK with nothing but handpicked leaves, an oven and ambitions we had no right to hold. Today, we create the products that help everyone be the best small pet parents: the oat and fruit free products, the content you’ll find inspiration in and the community you’ll become your best in.

Our Homemade For Pets family of ambassadors and followers is now over (amount) strong, with a total social media following of over (amount) and over (amount) customers in (amount) countries. Our ambassador team is growing too, with over (amount) across the UK.

Homemade For Pets is led by:

Grace - Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Our values are invaluable. We love them, we lose everything.

Be human - Being accesible, inclusive and humble is at Homemade For Pets heart.

Give back - We give back to the rescues who save the lives of so many small pets.

Do the right thing - Count on us to be honest, trustworthy and genuine.

Put friends & family first - Unconditionally.


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