Homegrown and Handmade

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To some, we're overdoing it, but we're just trying to do things properly.

Discover the ultimate selection of top-quality products for your small pets at Homemade For Pets. From #1 toys to best-selling treats and forage, we're your one-stop shop for all things bun and piggie related.

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100% Healthy Treats

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Toss Toys

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About Us

We're Homemade For Pets. We exist to produce only the best oat and fruit free products for your small pets.

Our business began in 2021 , from a kitchen in Somerset, UK with nothing but handpicked leaves, an oven and ambitions we had no right to hold. Today, we create products that help everyone be the best small pet parents: the oat and fruit free products, the content you'll find inspriation in and the community you'll become your best in.

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