We are removing all products that contain fruit

We have recently decided to remove all products that contain fruit from our website due to what we have learned about fruit and rabbits.

Rabbits shouldn't really eat fruit due to them containing high amounts of sugar, they have not evolved to cope with high amounts of sugar in their diet. Sugar can lead to Gastrointestinal Problems and Dental Disease.

So the products that we will be removing include:

- Assorted Fruit and Veg Mix

- Barley Bead Ring

- Barley Ring Hanging Toy

- Barley Ring Throw Toy

- Berry Blast Throw

- Berry Ring Tosser

- Berry Tower Chew

- Binky Bonding Sticks

- Birthday Cakes

- Bun Blossoms: All Flavours

- Dried Banana

- Dried Carrot

- Garden Glow Hot Chocolate

- Garden Glow Forage

- Giant Bunnerflys: All Flavours

- Giant Shining Stars: All Flavours

- Hay Donuts: All Flavours

- Hay Fingers

- Hay Hearts

- Hay Swirl

- Hay Waffles

- Hopping Hearts: All Flavours

- Hopping Heart Bites: All Flavours

- Infused Vine Ladder

- Loofahs: All Flavours

- Mini Binky Bonding Sticks

- Rabbit Toy Boxes

- Flying Saucer Toy

- Rainbow Blast Chews

- Shining Star Bites: All Flavours

- Shining Star: All Flavours

- Throw Toy Bundle

- Toy Bundles

- Tug Of War Toy

- Veggie Garden Blend

- Woodland Hot Chocolate

- Garden Glow Forage Egg Box

- 5 A Day Egg Box

- Banana Bonker Toy

- Dreamcatcher Toy

- Forage Dig Box

- Garden Glow Forage Box

- English Countryside Box

- Forage Filled Palm Leaf Bowl

Most of these products will be removed but some of the products such as the Rainbow Blast Chews and Flying Saucer Toys

When will the change in products happen?

24th of April - All fruit products will be removed from our website

29th of April - Website will be closed so that we can remove and add products

1st of May - Launch of all new products at 6pm


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